Our ethos and values or why we do what we do

St. Joseph’s is a Catholic School, religious education and the spiritual life of the school is at the heart of our service to your children. Our aim is that they grow up to be young people with a well developed moral sense and openness to the work of the Holy Spirit, or the spiritual, in their lives. We welcome families from a variety of backgrounds and different religious beliefs. Everyone is warmly welcome to take part in any of our celebrations and services.

We are sensitive to the needs of children who are not Catholic and invite parents with concerns to come and discuss how best we can provide for your child.

Fr. Michael is the parish priest of the newly established Holy Family Parish and is based at St. Joseph’s Church. He often visits the school to lead worship. He is very supportive of the work of the school and of our families. He can be contacted at the Parish House


St. Paul’s Road.

TS26 9EY.

Tel: (01429 )272985

Email: stjosephs05@btconnect.com

Catholic parents may decide when it is time for their child to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion from Y4  onward. Preparation for this is shared among the home, the parish and the school. Children who are not Catholics will learn about these Sacraments and other Catholic practices and beliefs during RE lessons and by taking part in a range of prayer experiences.

‘Statements to live by’

Each fortnight the whole school reflects on a ‘statement to live by’ e.g.

‘I know that rights match responsibilities’;

‘I can say one good thing about myself’;

‘Simple things can make us happy’.

These are publicised around the school and are in the children’s home-school communication book.


Pastoral Care is the responsibility of the whole staff, with the class teacher having particular responsibility for the children in his/her class.

· We all work constantly to provide a caring, Christian environment, where

both adults and children show a genuine respect for one another.

· We believe that, if St. Joseph’s is to function effectively in providing a calm

and positive learning atmosphere, a high standard of discipline must prevail.

· We operate a positive approach, rewarding effort and good behaviour.

· We encourage good manners, co-operation and the settling of disputes


· We promote responsibility and self-discipline.

Parents and Carers should be aware that the school has a duty to take reasonable action to ensure the welfare and safety of its pupils. In cases where school staff have cause to be concerned that a pupil might be subject to ill-treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, the Head teacher will follow Hartlepool Child Protection procedures and inform Social Services of the concern.

Ofsted 2014:

In the playground, pupils play happily with each other and appreciate the wide range of play equipment provided for them. There are very good relationships between staff and pupils. Pupils work very well together in pairs and small groups when given the opportunity. Activities interest pupils and tasks are based on a good knowledge of pupils’ different levels of ability.


‘We belong to the family of St. Joseph’s School’. We are very fortunate that our children have the opportunity to meet a range of different children from a variety of backgrounds, countries, body shapes, appearance and types of family. We expect all children and adults in our community to treat each other with respect. Disrespect at all levels is taken very seriously; we do not tolerate racism, homophobia or other behaviour that would make someone in our school feel undervalued. Our policies on racism and bullying are available on the website.

Ofsted 2014

Older pupils have roles of responsibility, such as stair monitors and playground friends. They take these very seriously and carry them out conscientiously. The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is good. Pupils say they feel safe and parents agree that their children feel safe in school. Pupils have a good understanding of how to keep themselves safe including when using the internet. Pupils say that bullying is rare. They have a good understanding of different forms of bullying and are confident that if any bullying occurred it would be swiftly challenged by the staff.


Once in the main school, each child is allocated to one of four houses named after the Northern Saints: St. Hilda, St. Bede, St. Bega and St. Cuthbert.

As a member of a House, each child is encouraged to work for House Points, which are awarded for good work, good behaviour, courtesy and other achievements. The system is one which allows every child in the school an equal chance of earning House Points.

Achievement certificates are awarded at the end of each week and a shield to the winning House at the end of each year.

At the end of each term we also present ‘Rainbow Awards’ to a child in each class, who, in the opinion of the teacher, has made the most significant contribution to class life.

At the end of each term, we present certificates to those children with full or excellent attendance records.

Each week, the class achieving the best attendance and punctuality is presented with a cup.

We have a Mathmagician Award, and Star Writer Award which are given each term. The Governors have recently introduced three awards for the pupils in Y6 who have demonstrated excellence in academic achievement, overall accomplishment and contribution to the school.

Ofsted 2014:

This is a very caring and inclusive school where all pupils are known and cared for as individuals. All pupils are able to access all that the school has to offer. Staff work hard to make sure that all groups of pupils do as well as they can, for example, in removing any gap in achievement between those pupils eligible for pupil premium funding and their peers and between those pupils who speak English as an additional language and other pupils in the school.


"We belong to the family of St. Joseph’s school.

We love, live, learn and celebrate together,

Building God’s kingdom with Jesus our Lord".

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