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More Than Dance

More than Dance is an exciting initiative supporting the development and regeneration of communities and enhancing the potential of groups and individuals. Based in the North East of England our reputation takes us countrywide. Working under the guidance of our artistic Director, Kevin Atkinson, we have a track record of delivering high quality creative dance and movement programmes in local community and school environments.

Kevin, Danielle and Emily came to work with children in KS2 for two days to help tell the Christmas story through prayer and dance, ending the second day and also a third morning with a performance for parents to see.

Parents commented

“The most meaningful Christmas Presentation I have seen. No colourful costumes to provide a distraction. Wonderful from start to finish.”

“It brought the true meaning of Christmas to everyone, children and parents.”

“The children put their hearts and souls into the performance.”


"We belong to the family of St. Joseph’s school.

We love, live, learn and celebrate together,

Building God’s kingdom with Jesus our Lord".

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