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Spring 2019 Awards

Here are our Spring award winners.

The Rainbow Awards are a termly award given to a child from each class who the teacher feels has shown outstanding effort in either work or in their attitude to school life.

Star Writers - This award is given half-termly to a child who has shown star qualities and made good progress in their writing.

Mathmagician - This award is given half-termly for a child in each class who has made good progress in this subject.

Governors Award - Y6 pupils at the end of the summer term receive awards for -

OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO THE SCHOOL - Student involvement in the wider life of the school.

OVERALL ACCOMPLISHMENT - Awarded for excellent effort and progress made in Y6

OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - A child who has striven to reach their potential and achieved in all subjects.

"We belong to the family of St. Joseph’s school.

We love, live, learn and celebrate together,

Building God’s kingdom with Jesus our Lord".

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