• St. Joseph's

Strictly Salsa!

In September, we (Y5/6) were given the opportunity to take part in a dance competition called “Strictly Salsa Kids”, which was to take place at the Borough Hall in January.

We were taught four dances for couples: Tango, Quickstep, Cha Cha, Salsa and two group dances: Uptown funk and Shaky Shaky, we then had three months to learn them.

We first started as a class until October when ten children were chosen. Those ten children were Toby, Robyn, Katie, Daniel, Oliwia, Matthew, Ashton, Salba, Adelayne and Ruth.

On Monday 16th January we had our last dance practise. On Friday 20th January we lined up at the doors for 6pm we were all given a Strictly Salsa Kids T-shirt and at 7pm we began the dance competition.

We sadly didn’t win but thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to do it again!

By Toby Year 6