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Year 4 Lent Retreat Morning

This morning in school was about the Year 4 children discussing what Jesus did for us, such as the sacrifices he made during Lent, including sacrificing himself.

The activities prepared for the children were to deepen their understanding about ‘Stations of the Cross’. Children were reminded that every station had a meaning.

Children waved palms to represent Palm Sunday then went around a range of activities. In one activity we wrote a prayer to God asking for His forgiveness, at another station we dipped our hands like Pontius Pilate.

We made a paper chain of prayers and children also got to see how big the nails were that were used on the cross. Everyone wrote names of people in our family who were poorly or who had died and put them into a cup to remember them in our prayers; and children also got the opportunity to carry the stones to feel the weight of the cross. They put candles into a crown of thorns to show that Jesus is the light of the world, and we also planted some seeds to represent new life (the coming of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus).

"We belong to the family of St. Joseph’s school.

We love, live, learn and celebrate together,

Building God’s kingdom with Jesus our Lord".

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